Aug 29 – Homily – Fr Elias: St. John, Loosing His Head for Truth

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Homily #130829b ( 07min) Play - Fr. Elias on the Beheading of St John the Baptist. He points, out as St. Bede points out, that he died more for truth regarding the invalidity of the marriage of Herod to Herodias than for the faith, but Jesus is the truth. So he is witness to Christ. We need to continue to give witness to truth in our morally relativistic age.
Ave Maria!
Mass: The Beheading of St. John the Baptist - Form:

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  • pl says:

    When our marriage tribunals began wiggling baptized Catholics out of valid sacramental marriages by giving out annulments for vague or phony reasons concerning psychological capability, and allowing therefore, divorce with annulments all but guaranteed so that unfaithful Catholics could remarry and still receive the Sacraments, we began to lose touch with the Truth. After decades of this abuse, then, we now wonder why we have lost our credibility in the world when we proclaim that we defend the institution of marriage and the family. After all, we so proudly made ourselves out to be the arbiters of what is a “good” and what is a “bad” marriage, and thus went about manipulating things from in our ivory towered tribunals destroying families and the sanctity of marriage.

    Now, it’s never too late to repent and start again clean. But first off, of course, we ought to repent for not really truly defending sacramental marriages, families and their children, until all of this same-sex hogwash hit the fan! I know the story, well, we say, it’s not easy to get an annulment, etc. but in fact, it isn’t that tough if you know the right people, have the right status in church social circles, etc., and can bend the truth a little along with some help from those in power. That’s the reality. The other spin is just smoke, really.

    And now we wonder why our world is falling to pieces with all the phony ideas about same sex marriage, genetic homosexualism, divorces at over 50% and we rise to defend marriage and family. But what about all the kids and marriages that were mauled and torn apart by phony tribunals and ivory tower clerics and Catholics. St. John the Baptist was beheaded for defending marriage and family and he should be the patron Saint for all men and women, and especially for the children who have had their lives torn apart and gravely harmed by divorce. Divorce that was then given the “seal of approval” by diocesan tribunal manipulation and the recommendation of annulment.

    We might remember that these types of things that stink here on earth, will stink even more so when the smell of it reaches the pure air in the heavens. Pope Benedict XVI spoke of these phony annulments, and how numerous they had become, especially in the west and in America. Well, there’s no turning back now, but we could start again, if we ever get the humility and courage to repent and come clean of all this falseness.

  • Luv'n Life says:


    Ranting never solves the problem. Your job is to sanctify yourself, not the world.

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