Aug 15 – Homily – Fr Elias: Assumption of the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix and Advocate

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Homily #130815bs ( 16min) Play - Father Elias on the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary preaches on the meaning of this feast, why our Lord brought Mary to heaven, body and soul at the end of her life. He ties this to her role as Mother of God at Nazareth and Bethlehem but also to her participation in the redemption at Calvary which fulfilled the prophecy of Simeon that a sword shall pierce her heart that the thoughts of nations shall be revealed.
Ave Maria!
Mass: Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Solemnity - Form: OF
1st: rev 11:19, 12 1-6, 10
Resp: psa 45:10, 11, 12, 16
2nd: 1co 15:20-26
Gsp: luk 1:39-56

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  • Alex Benedictus says:

    The Assumption is one of the most beautiful and important marian feasts! I particulary feel very attached to this solemnity. It is a sign of hope for our bodies, many times beaten by ailment and all kind of illnesses. However, my comments apart, I love your homily, father!

  • Alex Benedictus says:

    The Assumption of Our Lady is accomplishment of the redemption of her body and also a sign of the redemption of our ones. That’s why I think it so wonderful!

    Conected with this issue, I have hear that in Lourdes, in the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes was confirmed by the committee of physians a new miracle. I saw that news in Portuguese, but if I found it in English, I would like to share it with you too.

  • Alex Benedictus says:

    Lourdes shrine officially records 69th miracle

    An Excerpt

    Mrs. Daniela “Castelli said in an interview posted July 18, 2013 on the Lourdes Sanctuary’s YouTube channel that she wants to “thank Our Lady for all of the joy I’ve received, not just the joy of a healed body – which is also important because health is a gift of God and we have to protect it and ask for it, life is a gift – but the joy that Our Lord has given me throughout my entire life for as long as I can remember.”

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