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Pope Francis speaks about Our Lady, Joy, and Praise

Ave Maria Meditations

Pope Francis speaks about being a joyful (joy filled) Catholic.  He speaks here about the need to praise God in the holy sacrifice of the Mass. We can also extrapolate to the praising of God that comes when we make time for Him in our prayer before the Blessed Sacrament.  Let us praise Him with all our hearts!

And how do we praise God? We praise Him by coming out of ourselves, we praise Him “freely, like the grace that He gives us is free,” said Pope Francis. This pushes us to an examination of conscience on how to pray to God, said Pope Francis, who then turned to those present with a question:

“You here at Mass, do you give praise to God or do you only petition God and thank God? Do you praise God? ‘. This is something new, new in our new spiritual life. Giving praise to God, coming out of ourselves to give praise; spending a little bit of time giving praise. But ‘this Mass is so long!’ If you do not praise God, you will never know the gratuity of spending time praising God, the Mass is long. But if you go with this attitude of joy, of praise to God, that is beautiful! This is what eternity will be: giving praise to God! And that will not be boring: it will be beautiful! This joy makes us free. ”

The model of this praise, and this joy, is once again the Mother of Jesus “The Church – recalled Pope Francis – calls her the” cause of our joy, “Cause Nostrae Letitiae. Why? Because she brings the greatest joy that is Jesus. ‘

“We need to pray to Our Lady, so that bringing Jesus give us the grace of joy, the joy of freedom. That it give us the grace to praise, to praise with a prayer of gratuitous praise, because He is worthy of praise, always. Pray to Our Lady and say to her what the Church says: Veni, Precelsa Domina, Maria, tu nos visita, Lady, thou who art so great, visit us and give us joy. “

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