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Virgin Mary teaches Catholics decisiveness: Pope | Business Standard



Pope Francis 2013-03-14

Ave Maria!

I ran across this article on a business site from India as I was searching for things on the Virgin Mary. Yes, it was in the religious section, but it clearly focused on the practical, even business-like, motivational elements of the Pope’s thoughts that he posted on the Blessed Virgin Mary from his Twitter account, namely the fact that she can help us be decisive since she so quickly accepted the invitation to be the Mother of God and to go and help her cousin St. Elizabeth. In short, her strong faith helped her to act decisively and it can do so for everyone.

The appearance of this article here clearly shows how practical the Pope is and how good he is at showing the practicality of religion and even the more devotional forms. Combined with his use of modern means like Twitter and we begin to see a Pope with a true talent for connecting with people of our age and of all cultures and walks of life.

Vatican City, June 4 (IANS/AKI) Catholics should emulate the Virgin Mary’s ability to take decisions by trusting god, according to Pope Francis.

“Sometimes we know what we have to do, but we lack the courage to do it. Let us learn from Mary how to make decisions, trusting in the Lord,” Francis wrote on the microblogging website Twitter.

Six million people are now tracking Francis on his Twitter account @pontifex, published in nine tongues.

The Spanish version is reported to be the fastest-growing with over two million followers.

via Virgin Mary teaches Catholics decisiveness: Pope | Business Standard.


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