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Benedict XVI: ‘I’m fine. I live like a monk’ – YouTube

Benedict XVI: ‘I’m fine. I live like a monk’ – YouTube.

German journalist, Manfred Lütz visited Benedict XVI at the Vatican for about 30 minutes. In an article published in the ‘Bild Zeitung’ newspaper, he wrote that the former Pope told him: “I live like a monk and I’m fine. I pray and I read.”


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  • Alex Benedictus says:

    Great news! I’m happy to know it! I always feel that Benedict XVI is great lover of monastic life!

    Since I have heard that he had choice his name Benedict after St. Benedict of Nursia, I realised his great love for the monastic life.

    By my turn, I’m myself a great lover of monastic live, athough I have no vocation to this so sublime lifestyle.

  • Alex Benedictus says:

    Dear Friars, if you allow me I would to share an exerpt of the Catechisis of Benedict XVI where he explained his admiration for St. Benedict and also his own love for the monastic lifestyle, his humility, his heart full of adoration for God…

    After the holy death of my Venerable Predecessor John Paul II, the traditional Wednesday General Audiences are resuming today. Thus, we are returning to normality. At this first Meeting, I would like to begin by reflecting on the name that I chose on becoming Bishop of Rome and universal Pastor of the Church. I wanted to be called Benedict XVI in order to create a spiritual bond with Benedict XV, […] Treading in his footsteps, I would like to place my ministry at the service of reconciliation and harmony between persons and peoples, since I am profoundly convinced that the great good of peace is first and foremost a gift of God, a precious but unfortunately fragile gift to pray for, safeguard and build up, day after day, with the help of all.

    The name “Benedict” also calls to mind the extraordinary figure of the great “Patriarch of Western Monasticism”, St Benedict of Norcia, Co-Patron of Europe together with Sts Cyril and Methodius, and the women Saints, Bridget of Sweden, Catherine of Siena and Edith Stein. The gradual expansion of the Benedictine Order that he founded had an enormous influence on the spread of Christianity across the Continent. St Benedict is therefore deeply venerated, also in Germany and particularly in Bavaria, my birthplace; he is a fundamental reference point for European unity and a powerful reminder of the indispensable Christian roots of his culture and civilization.

    We are familiar with the recommendation that this Father of Western Monasticism left to his monks in his Rule: “Prefer nothing to the love of Christ” (Rule 72: 11; cf. 4: 21). At the beginning of my service as Successor of Peter, I ask St Benedict to help us keep Christ firmly at the heart of our lives. May Christ always have pride of place in our thoughts and in all our activities!”

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