May 20 – Homily – Fr Ignatius: Catholics Who Reject God By Rejecting Truth

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Homily #130520 ( 04min) Play - CCD has always taught us the truths that God loves us and sent His only Son, yet those calling themselves Catholic or Christian reject God by rejecting truth, such as condoning murder by abortion.

Ave Maria!
Mass: Pentecost Monday - Ferial - Form: EF, Cibavit Eos
1st: act 10:34, 42-48
Gsp: joh 3:16-21

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  • James says:

    There exists a great deal of difficulty with all of this in the Church. It seems as if the “Catholics” who are like this and reject the truth, do so in very many ways, one of the most egregious being rejecting the truth concerning abortion. But they, and others, also reject truth concerning divorce, contraception, and other matters pertaining to sexuality and purity, the very essential matters connected to life.

    The majority of their denials of Truth often have to do with sex, purity, and obedience. And for the most part, the Church here in Canada is silent, or may occasionally offer the usual glib platitude, lip service really to the truth, while not really making it known or respected, let alone thought of as an undeniable truth essential for life.

    It is very difficult to keep one’s faith amidst all of this apostasy and denial of the Truth, when it seems to have the approval of those in leadership positions, both priestly and administrative, widely across the board.

    The church begins to appear as a large and extremely smug support system for sin and selfishness, greed and pride, rather than being a refuge of truth and integrity, purity and fidelity.

    And those who attempt to follow the truth rather than “interpret” it to their own ends, are in a way, seen as public enemy number one to this support system for sin and selfishness.

    It seems a very nasty and dangerous time to attempt to be a faithful believer in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, not so much that the world has turned very adamantly and harshly against Her, but that so many within Her own ranks have become traitorous and treacherous.

    Very nasty and dangerous times, indeed, when one’s own family, one’s own refuge in times of trouble, becomes such a menace and threat to the purity and fidelity of one’s very soul. And how will our children manage to learn the one true faith from this slippery, disobedient gang of sophists?

    Nasty and dangerous business these days. Widespread and deep throughout and within Holy Mother Church.

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