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Ave Maria Meditations

Prayer to Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit dispenses His choicest graces to those who have a tender love and devotion to Mary, His Immaculate Spouse. Mary, on her part, obtains the richest blessings for souls who honor and invoke her as the Spouse of the Holy Spirit.

O MARY, thou spotless Bride of the Holy Spirit, thou art the glory of Jerusalem, the joy of Israel, the honor of our nation! Thou, as the Valiant Woman, didst crush the head of the serpent when thou didst offer thy Divine Son to the Heavenly Father, in the love of the Holy Spirit, for the salvation of the world. Through the merits of this precious Sacrifice and through the sufferings of thy Son, obtain for us the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. I thank the Holy Spirit that He has chosen thee as His Bride and constituted thee the dispenser of His graces. Look upon me with thy compassionate eyes; look upon my distress and needs. Help me, that I may never lose the grace of God nor defile the temple of the Holy Spirit, but that my heart may ever remain His holy dwelling, and that with thee I may eternally praise and bless the Holy Spirit in Heaven.  Amen. 


Our Lady of Light, Spouse of the Holy Spirit, pray for us.  



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Our Lady found this unworthy lukewarm person and obtained for her the grace to enter the Third Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. May this person spend all eternity in showing her gratitude.

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