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2 Pillars #28 ( 05min) Play - On this seventh day of the novena in preparation for Pentecost we ask the Holy Spirit to help us dispel the darkness of error and doubt and during the our visit to Mary we renounce the Devil who is the author of all darkness.

Meditations read in front of the exposed Blessed Sacrament for our Daily Holy Hour at our Bloomington, Indiana friary.

Ave Maria!

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 “A Month with Mary” by Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo

Day #16: Renouncing the Demon

THE SOUL: I know that in holy Baptism I renounced the demon and I'm happy with that renunciation. The demon is so repulsive that I really would not want to make friends with him! …

Yet so many times I've been overcome by his suggestions and by sinning I've preferred him to God himself. How awful is my ingratitude and how revolting is my foolishness!

The demon is a degraded being, … he is a monster, without order, without happiness, without life! In his fall he didn't lose his natural qualities, but what are they worth? They are also the greatest torment for him.

An angel is a spirit who lives by truth and admirable activities; now the demon lives by lies because he is forever far from the eternal and essential Truth; he lives without real activity, but in toilsome agitation.

No, I will not go near his promptings, never more, and I beg your solid support, O Mary, to overcome him. You are the conqueror of the demon; you crush his head. You have been lifted up as the morning star of the world and your Immaculate Conception represented the most splendid triumph over the demon. Widen your mantle, O Mary, receive me, defend me from the snares of the demon! You are the all-pure, the all-beautiful, the all-gentle, … you are my mother!

Unfortunately so many times, I have made myself the slave of the demon and for this reason I now fear my weakness.

Queen of the angels, protect me, remove far from me the specter of evil, the delusions of my senses, the attractions of pride, the impulses of my corrupt nature.

Go far away from me, Satan, pasture of death, go far away from me. I enjoin this on you in the name of Mary Immaculate, who triumphantly crushed your momentary and disastrous power! Go far away from me because I already belong to my God and I have been purified by his mercy. Go far away from me; I command this of you in the name of Jesus who conquered you with his Blood! In this divine Blood I have found life again and you will no longer have dominion over me!

ASPIRATION: You are all-beautiful, O Mary, and there is no stain in you; you are my Mother.

LITTLE WORK: When you are tempted, make the sign of the Cross and call on the names of Jesus and Mary.

About the Meditations

The daily School of Mary meditations come from the book, A Month with Mary, written by a holy Italian priest Father Dolindo Ruotolo (1882-1970). Originally written as spiritual thoughts to his spiritual daughter, the work is comprised of thirty-one meditations for the month of May.