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The Devils and Consecration to Mary

By May 12, 2013From the Web

One of the most interesting paintings of Marian devotion

Saint Bernard being comforted by Mary

About three years ago I performed the 33 day consecration to Jesus through Mary as described by St Louis de Montfort. A strange thing happened. On the 33rd day, which I had timed to be August 15 (the Assumption of Mary and my wife’s birthday), I entered the church and I experienced this very strange feeling of terror.

It was a demonic attack. It surprised me. I felt a dark presence. I felt terrible feelings and terrible thoughts began to crowd in my mind. I was a little scared. I felt like my soul was being suffocated with smoke.

Yet, I finished my prayers for the 33 Day Consecration in the church and at the very moment I finished, I felt like all the evil smoke had been sucked out of the room. I had an intense feeling of peace, love, grace, and mercy. I felt that Jesus loved me intensely and that Mary had wrapped her mantle around me to protect me. She was drawing me closer to Jesus. I felt it. I cannot explain it.

via The Devils and Consecration to Mary as Taught by St John Damascene & St Louis de Montfort ~ Dr. Taylor Marshall | Canterbury Tales.

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