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Celebrating Pope Francis’ Arrival

Ave Maria!

For Palm Sunday here is a video commemorating the election of Pope Francis, Christ’s newly chosen Vicar, ending with his appearance on the loggia to a cheering crowd waving, not palm branches, but flags from all nations.

A special video production commemorating the election of Pope Francis.

In conjunction with Grassroots films.


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  • Alix Murray says:

    I have a specific question about the Holy Father regarding his stance on gay marriage. If you think my message would be better as a private message, rather than a public comment, that is perfectly fine with me. I couldn’t see where I could contact any other way on your website.

    I have seen two articles discussing the possibility that, as a cardinal, the Holy Father supported same-sex unions.

    I suspect that the secular media will try to use whatever information they have about this (whatever the truth may be) to hurt Mother Church and plant seeds of doubt, confusion and fear into the hearts of many Catholics.

    I am in Norway, and so far, no information regarding this matter has reached us. I have a friend who is a faithful Catholic writer, and she is trying to find accurate CATHOLIC information about these rumours BEFORE they come to Norway. Can you help? What sources should be sited? What is your advice to faithful Catholics in Norway if we are ever hit with these rumours?

    Please feel free to reply to my email address if you think that is best.

    Alix Murray

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