Patriarch Bartholomew invites Pope to Jerusalem to celebrate historic…

Ave Maria!

Pope Francis is busy spreading peace and goodwill (Pax et Bonum, as St. Francis would say) with our separated brethren, a theme dear to many of his predecessors, especially Benedict. The main leader of the Orthodox Church said he hopes they can meet in Jerusalem this year, to mark the 50th anniversary of the famous hug between their predecessors, Pope Paul VI and Patriarch Athenagoras.

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  • Alex Benedictus says:

    Another day a friend of mine said to me, actually on Facebook for all his friends that he thinks that Pope Francis will be able to achive the unite with the Orthodox. Since then, since I have heard this words of him I have thought that he is right. Of couse, just as time will be passing we can make sure about this expected unity between Roman Catholics and the Orthodox. But I think the recent (latest) happenings that have marked the beginning of Pope Francis’ Pontificate apoints to this direction.

    While I was watching this video, I got so moved that I was with teary eyes. Perhaps I’m a little bit emotive.

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