Franciscans of the Immaculate Kiss Hand of Pope Francis

Ave Maria!

Here is a longer video of the one we posted a few days ago on the visit Pope Francis made to the Basilica of St Mary Major from the Italian Youtube site TV2000it. In the previous one I mentioned that our friars, who staff the sacristy there, almost undoubtedly were able to meet the pope. In this one, which was pointed out by Fr. John Lawrence in the comments on the last video, we actually see some of our gray-habbited friars kissing the hand of the new pope. So we have the FIs, the Marian-Franciscan friars, kissing the hand of the newly elected Holy Father Pope Francis in the oldest church dedicated to Mary, one of the four Major Basilicas of Rome, all very symbolic.

It must have been the thrill of a lifetime to be in those friars sandals. Apparently they had only ten minutes notice that the pope was coming. And he was only elected twelve hours before, so they were one of the very first people to be able to kiss hand.

The video is in Italian

Published on March 14, 2013 on TV2000it

The first public appearance of the new Pontiff in his diocese. Papa Francesco visited the Basilica of St. Mary Major to gather in prayer in the Pauline Chapel, before the image of Our Lady Salus Populi Romani, and thank the Virgin.

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  • Alex Benedictus says:

    Dear Friar, thank you for sharing this so beautiful video! I love it! Indeed it is a wonderful grace that these friars have received.

    P.S.: I liked to listening this report in Italian! I love languages! But I have to honest I don’t like the reporter’s voice. She has a shrill voice! But it’s ok. (I’m just kidding a little bit.)

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