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Best moments of Benedict XVI’s pontificate

By February 28, 2013From the Web

Ave Maria! Pope Benedict’s Pontificate in less than two minutes.

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  • We may like him or not, we may agree or disagree with Pope Benedict’s views, but in my opinion, we should admire a decision that places the best interest of the Catholic Church above his personal prestige.

  • Connie Scozzare says:

    I feel tonight like I do on Holy Saturday when Jesus is not in the Tabernacle. I know He is still with us, but I really miss His Real Presence. It has only been a few hours but I miss Pope Benedict already – he is Jesus to me … gentle, yet firm … loving, yet brutally honest … a holy man through and through … a humble shepherd leading his flock to Heaven … a truthful man in whom I could put my trust … a quiet leader who is showing us that every stage of life is important … that praying for the Church is a worthwhile endeavor and an essential duty … Vive il Papa!

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