Fr. Barron on the Legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

By February 16, 2013From the Web

Ave Maria!

Fr. Barron gives this excellent summary of the great accomplishments of Pope Benedict XVI describing him as

  • Interpreter of the Second Vatican Council
    • Involved in the Council
    • As the evangelical, missionary council
    • As an evolution as opposed to a revolution
    • As a means for the Church to update the world
    • Hermeneutic of Continuity
  • Teacher of Affirmative Orthodoxy
    • Not the Panzer Cardinal
    • Emphasized Divine Love, Deus Caritas Est
    • What the Church says yes to
    • The God who is love and wants the project of the human race to thrive
    • Joy mentioned through out his writings
  • Promoter of Clear Christo Centrism
    • patristics, biblical focus
    • Jesus Christ as source of Revelation
    • Christocentrism as interpretive key to Vatican II documents
    • Jesus of Nazareth, life of Christ

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