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Andrew McDonald Nominated for CT Supreme Court

By January 12, 2013November 22nd, 2022News, Religious Liberty

Ave Maria!

Incredibly, Andrew McDonald, who introduced his outrageously unconstitutional and anti-Catholic bill SB1098 in Connecticut, has been nominated for a seat on the Connecticut Supreme Court and will have his hearing on Monday and the legislative confirmation vote on Wednesday. SB1098 was the bill specifically targeted at Connecticut Catholics that directly intruded on the rights of the bishops and pastors to lead their congregations, a blatant infringement on the constitutional right to religious liberty. You would think that someone who has displayed such grave difficulty separating his ideology from his job as a state senator and specifically failing to see how unconstitutional his bill was, would be the last person that Gov. Malloy would want as a judge of what is constitutional and what is not. This is especially so in a day of such sharp polarization. Surely a less controversial appointment could be found.

See the FIC Action page to see what is being done about this.

Image: Catholics protest

From Jessica Hill AP MSNBC – Several thousand protesters showed up at the state capitol in Hartford even after the bill was withdrawn.

From Wikipedia:

In March 2009 McDonald and Judiciary committee co-chair Mike Lawlor proposed a bill (SB 1098) to regulate the management of Roman Catholic parishes in Connecticut. The bill, by allowing parishioners to create a lay board to govern a parish, in which board all control over fiscal and administrative matters would be vested, would effectively have removed the Parish Priest and Bishop from their traditional positions of power. The bill was specific to the Catholic Church.. The public hearing on this bill was cancelled when, according to Capital Police, 1,000 supporters entered the Capital to protest. Another 4,200 were present outside the building.[2] Opponents charged the bill would violate the separation of church and state clause in the First Amendment. It would also violate the “Supremacy clause,” and the Fourteenth Amendment barring discriminatory legislation.[9][10][11]

See what Family Institute of CT is doing to stop this appointment.

Here is an interview with Peter Wolfgang of FIC recorded live by on the day of the protest, gives an overview.

Talk by Bishop Lori of Bridgeport Diocese (Now Archbishop of Baltimore) on the steps of the State Capitol followed by Carl Anderson Supreme Knight of the Knights of the Columbus.



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