Video – Conferences #202: Priests Retreat 2012 Pt6, Card. Burke, Eucharistic Centered

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Cardinal Raymond Burke gives the the 4th talk at the Priest's Retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center in Bloomington, IN. This talk is on the Eucharist and how it should be the center of the life of the priest. He covers:

  • Eucharist is central to priesthood and priesthood is central to the Eucharist

  • Mass should be the center of a priest's day

  • Need Eucharistic Devotion to help keep this Eucharistic perspective

  • "Spirit of Vatican II" downplayed this when documents say the opposite

  • Central to St. John Vianney. Pope Benedict XVI Letter. Rejuvenated his parish.

  • Confession related to Eucharistic devotion. e.g. St. John Vianney

  • Both Confession and Eucharist focuses on need for forgiveness, virtuous circle

  • Relation to daily examination of conscience

  • Real presence teaches how Our Lord thirsts for our salvation.

  • Meditation on the offertory prayers, Priests and victims

  • Laxity in ministry related to laxity at Mass

  • Catechisis important for Eucharistic devotion and fervor of priests and laity

  • Cardinal Newman: objective teaching important for forming conscience and devotion.

  • JPII: priests unite heaven and earth at the Eucharist Encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia sec 5. "authority given him to consecrate"

  • Priest should be anxious to distribute Eucharist as well as consecrate

  • St Thomas Aquinas: Eucharist contains universe and all the Jesus did for us

  • Good to keep in mind when assailed by feeling of inadequacy in today's trying times

  • Priestly office is direct continuation of that conferred on the Apostles

  • JPII 2nd year "Summit of priestly ministry" Ecclesia de Eucharistia and Gift and Mystery

    • Church was born from the Eucharist even more so the priesthood

    • Can see humility of Christ like at Bethlehem

  • Benedict XVI 2005 Christmas discourse Hermeneutic of Rupture and the bad effect on Eucharistic devotion

    • Importance then to adopt Hermeneutic of Continuity to go forward.

  • Connection of Eucharist with devotion to Our Lady

  • St John the Apostle is representative all priests at the foot of the Cross

  • Things related to Mass and Eucharist should be well kept as a reflection of our faith

  • Encourage the faithful to participate frequently and fervently in Mass

List of talks for the Priests Conference 2012:

Ave Maria!

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