Video – Conferences #201: Priests Retreat 2012 Pt5, Card. Burke, Celibacy & Eucharist

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Ave Maria!

Cardinal Raymond Burke gives the the 5th talk at the Priest's Retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center in Bloomington, IN. He finishes his talk from this morning on the good example of saintly priests and specifically priestly celibacy. He starts with the reference to Jesus' statement on the those who give up things of this world for the kingdom of God will receive a hundred fold in this world and in the next. This is for all people but especially for those who enter the ordained priesthood.

  • Non-celibacy in the priesthood is the exception

  • Ancient practice and teaching, New Testament onward, Paul, Jesus

  • Identify with Jesus

  • Considered a great act of love for Christ, undivided heart, a positive thing

  • Living celibacy with generosity leads to a generous regarding poverty and obedience.

  • A witness of supernatural grace.

  • A bond with married faithful not a condemnation of marriage or procreation

  • Priests are to have spiritual children

  • Unmarried man concerned exclusively with the Lord.

  • Both marriage and virginity for the kingdom of God are from the Lord, Catechism

  • Book by JPII, "Gift and Mystery" and Litany for priests

  • Book "A Priest is not his Own" by Fulton Sheen

Second conference is on the Eucharist as Center of the Priesthood

  • JPII "Deepest reason for priestly vocation" needs to be continually deepened

  • Mass and Eucharist central to Card. Burke's own calling

  • Love of priesthood and the Eucharist is highly linked

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus devotions also helpful

  • Problems in the 60's, reduced reverence of Eucharist, reduced vocations

  • Eucharistic devotion important for continual nurturing of priests and seminarians.

List of talks for the Priests Conference 2012:

Ave Maria!

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