Video – Conferences #198: Priests Retreat 2012 Pt2, Fr. Ben Luetdke, The Whys of Priests

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Ben Luedtke gives the second talk for the Priest's Retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center in Bloomington, IN.

First, recapping his first conference of how the mystery of Christ's sacrifice is made present in the mass. He then covers the many questions people, and priests, have about the priesthood.

  • Why is Christ still on the Cross on Catholic Crucifixes?

  • Why crucifixes instead of "Resurectcifixes"

  • Why priests wear black

  • Why priests wear a white collars

  • Why confession is so important

  • Why forgiveness of others is merciful to ourselves

  • Why forgiveness does not involve feelings

  • Why we are not called to like our enemies

  • Why happiness depends on simply choosing to be so

  • Why going to heaven or hell is a matter of choice

  • Why Hell is an expression of God's mercy

  • Why priests are celibate

  • Why priests should always show Christ's mercy in confession

  • Why Priests should avoid political correctness like the plague

  • Why priests need to find out where their parishioners are "at" first

  • Why priests need to talk at their parishioner's level

  • Why sacrifice and prayer is most important for conversion

  • Why priests should frequently reflect on the first day of their ordination

  • Why keeping death in front of our eyes will make us happy

  • Why feelings of unworthiness should not discourage priests

  • Why mystical experiences are not important for salvation

List of talks for the Priests Conference 2012:

Ave Maria!

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