Dec 07 – Homily – Card. Burke: St. Ambrose the Good Shepherd

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Cardinal Raymond Burke gives the homily for the fifth and final Mass for the retreat for priest at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center. St. Ambrose took the bishopric of Milan on the insistence of the people to combat the errors of the time in an environment of established paganism and the growing heresy of Arianism. He himself being unbaptized first had to be baptized and then ordained a bishop. He then humbly began to be catechized by St. Simplician, adding sound Church teaching to his profound secular learning. By his thorough learning of the faith he became a great evangelizer, Christianizing the pagan city of Milan and cleansing it of Arianism, even when the emperor tried to reinstate it by force. He was instrumental in converting St Augustine and teaching him the faith. Let us pray to St. Ambrose and follow his example in order to combat the errors and paganism of our day.
Ave Maria!
Mass: St. Ambrose - Mem - Form: OF

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