Video – Conferences #194: Pope Benedict and Mary’s “Yes”, Part 3

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Louis Maximilian from our friary in New Bedford, Mass. gives the second talk of his retreat "The woman of the Yes" on the words of Benedict XVI on Mary.  Part three is on the "Yes" of Jesus taking up his residence on earth with Mary as His tabernacle.

Mary is the Star of hope, ark of the covenant, tabernacle of God as we will be when we enter and grow in grace.

  • He pitched his tent, tabernacle among us

    • Mary is the tabernacle the ark of the new covenant.

    • As Incarnate Lord he can be seen and touched.

    • Concreteness, a definite place of his dwelling of a definite person

    • That he is interested in me and I am him

    • He reaches us through Mary and we reach him through her.

  • Mary is a living house

    • a pure living being

    • for a pure living God

    • for a God of the living

    • For living humans to come in contact with the living God

  • Hypostatic union of two natures heavenly and earthly

    • corresponds to the living wills of Mary and Jesus who both said yes

    • Dwelling place which is Mary corresponds to the Church where he also finds a dwelling

    • And so too do we the members of the church receive Christ in the Eucharist

    • And to the extent we are like mar will receive the Grace that this can give

  • In Mary we see what the Church should be, a living, pure tabernacle

    • a dweling place for God in the world

    • The more the Church is a person the more she is herself, like Mary

    • We should pay some attention to making the buildings themselves beautiful to reflect this reality

    • Presence of God should radiate in the buildings

    • Like the magnificent tabernacles which are the Saints.

    • All reflecting a living yes to God

  •  This in turn reflects what is prepared for man in Heaven

    • a pledge of future glory

    • In Mary a dwelling place has been prepared for ever, looking forward to haven

    • A great sign of hope for us

    • Mary, our Churches, and the members of the cChurch must all be dwellings of God

    • Where God dwels all shoud be at home

    • faith and being open, saying yes, gives us a home on earth that will endure into heaven

    • When we enter into her home she helps us open upto be home to God

    • We must decide to do it by finding strength in grace

    • a grace that we find in Mary

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