Video – Conferences #193: Pope Benedict and Mary’s “Yes”, Part 2

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Louis Maximilian from our friary in New Bedford, Mass. gives the second talk of his retreat "The woman of the Yes" on the words of Benedict XVI on Mary.  Part two is on the "Yes" of Jesus where His yes to coming down to earth is united with Mary's yes to be His Mother. In this talk:

  • The body is involved in salvation when united to our will which in turn is united to Jesus' divine sacrifice

  • This is superior to animal sacrifices and replaces them because it is a willed bodily sacrifice

  • Incarnation takes place when Mary says yes at Gabriel's announcement. Thus Jesus gives his yes at the same time, forming a union between the two like none other.

  • Jesus' Yes finds fertile ground in Mary and bears divine fruit.

  • The double yes is embodied in the human nature of Christ and the union of Christ's divine nature with His Human nature forming something everlasting.

  • This unity continues beyond Christ's earthly life into the mystical body of Christ, the Church

  • On Calvary also unity of two hearts, Jesus say woman behold your son, behold your mother. Implied yes by John.

  • Now all mankind can participate in the great divine union.

  • Union of the two hearts and the union of each human person with God are inseperable.

  • Involves our whole person.

  • Which is why Mary's perpetual virginity is important. It points to the divinity of Christ. Her very person testifies to what Christ is.

  • Mary is the Star of hope, ark of the covenant, tabernacle of God as we will be when we enter into and grow in grace.

The other parts of this conference are as follows:

Ave Maria!

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