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Just Before Organ Harvesting, Comatose Patient Recovers | Daily News | NCRegister.com

By November 16, 2012News

The survival of an accident victim diagnosed as ‘brain dead’ triggers an end-of-life debate in Denmark.

BY STEVE WEATHERBE 11/15/2012 Comments (7)

Carina Melchior

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AARHUS, Denmark — Carina Melchior is a 20-year-old Danish woman who was plunged in the middle of controversy by two close encounters with death — the first in car crash last year that put her in a coma; the second in a hospital, where doctors persuaded her parents to donate her organs and shut off her life support.

But Carina recovered, and she now is at the center of a storm of questions about the criteria for brain death, over-aggressive transplant agencies and the commodification of the human body.

via Just Before Organ Harvesting, Comatose Patient Recovers | Daily News | NCRegister.com.

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