Oct 07 – Homily – Fr Bonaventure: Cast Your Vote for the Human Family

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Homily #121007 ( 40min) Play- Fr. Bonaventure explains how adamant our Lord was in defense of matrimony and the protection of children. Father encourages us to vote according to the economy of the human family, not so much in material goods, but in defense of the family which is being attacked through marriage, contraception, and abortion. Ave Maria!

Mass: 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday - Form: OF
1st: gen 2:18-24
Resp: psa 128:1-2, 3, 4-5, 6
2nd: heb 2:9-11
Gsp: mar 10:2-16

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  • Frank O'Keeffe says:

    This is the best sermon in ages… I wish al priests would speak like this, all the time… It’s scary how much our culture resembles the pagan Roman empire… Just a great sermon!

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