Sep 23 – Homily – Guest Homilist: Awkward Moments

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Homily #120923b ( 15min) Play - Fr. Jospeph Aytona, of the Fathers of Mercy gives the homily to conclude the retreat at the Mother of the Redeemer Retreat Center here in Bloomington, IN.  He preaches on the pride of life and the awkward moments that this brings about as exemplified by the Apostles' awkward silence after Jesus caught them arguing over who was greatest among them. He relates this to our modern American materialism where we try to impress people by how much we have. He exhorts us to ignore this childish mentality and so avoid the ultimate awkward moment that will occur if we are caught off guard on Judgement Day without having lived our lives focused on the ultimate good, God Himself. Ave Maria! Mass: 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Sunday - Form: OF Readings:  1st: wis 2:17-20 Resp: psa 54:3-4, 5, 6-8 2nd: jam 3:16-4:3 Gsp: mar 9:30-37 Audio (MP3) +++

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  • Marie says:

    Many thanks, AirMaria, for posting this magificent homily. Did you all video tape his retreat? He is on fire!! 🙂

    Ave Maria!

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