Video – Face of Pro-Life #187: Fortnight for Freedom

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Ave Maria!

Peter Wolfgang Executive Director of the Family Institute of CT and hostess Corinn Dahm discuss the Fortnight of Freedom of the US Conference of Bishops and the HHS Mandate that precipitated it. He focuses on the fact that it is not an issue of whether contraception should be available or not but rather religious liberty: shouldn't there be a conscience clause to let Religious Institutes opt out? Our first freedoms are at stake, the First Ammendment to the Constitution of the United States. If the first amendment means anything it means that the federal government can not do this. This issue transcends all party lines and all creeds because if the government is allowed to do violence to the basic freedom of religion then it can also do violence to any group's freedoms, liberal or conservative, religious or secular. One of the biggest problems is the redefinition of terms including what is religion, what is health care and who is the magisterium and Pope of the Catholic Church. Should the government be allowed to do this?! We are saying this is not about contraception but it certainly is for the Obama administration. There are huge fines for not complying that is totally out of proportion with any other issue. Notre Dame alone will have to pay about 10million dollars a year if they do not want to comply. Ave Maria!

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