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Fi News – Fifth Year Anniversary of AirMaria

Today is our Fifth Year Anniversary here at AirMaria since our official start on the Feast of the Annunciation in 2007.

We look forward to many more years of spreading Franciscan, Marian, Catholic  teaching and devotion. We will be giving an update of AirMaria events and future plans after Easter.

Thank you for all the help to make it all possible.

Deo Gratias!!


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  • Fr. Ignatius says:

    How about some stats?

  • Br. Pio FTI says:

    Ave Maria!

    Congratulations on such a milestone! St. Max, as well as our blessed Mother, should be (and probably are) impressed at what has and will be acomplished through this great work! Pax ET Bonum

  • Marie says:

    Here’s one for the AirMaria team: Have any of you heard from Chris Fawcett (Amsterdam trip)? Loved seeing you all ride on the segway! Great background music. Continue to sow seeds for the Immaculate! News

    Ave Maria!

    Come stai, Padre Ignazio?

  • rebuildmychurch says:

    Alleluia!!!! Oh wait…it is Passion week…change that to: Praise be to thee, O Lord, King of Eternal Glory!!!!

    Thank you Blessed Mother for the success of such an incredible and needed project.

    To the Airmaria team, keep fighting the good fight thru the intercession of St. Maximilian, St. Pio, and our Holy Father St. Francis!!!

    Allow us to praise you, O Most Blessed Virgin Mary, give the airmaria team (and all of us) strenght against your enemies!!

    Ave Maria!

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