Video – Variety #189: Intro to Mary for Our Lady of Walsingham Ordinariate Members Part 2

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Ave Maria!

2nd Conference:  Who is Mary?  The First Principle of our Mariology.

-In order to know about Our Lady we need to learn about the dogmas and doctrines that the Church proclaims.  Jesus is the key in order to help us understand the mystery of Mary, since His greatness is resplendent in Her.  The teaching of the Absolut Primacy of Christ by Bl. John Duns Scotus helps to shed light on the Incarnate Word and the role of Mary. Scotus teaches that Mary was jointly predestined to be the Mother of God when the Father had first predestined His Son to grace and glory as the Incarnate Word, not due to sin, but to give the greatest glory to Him.  The Marian Doctor goes to explain that as long as it does not contradict the authority of Scripture or the Magisterium, that which is more excellent is to be attributed to Mary.

Marian Catechism to Catholics and Catholics of the Our Lady of Walsingham Ordinariate
Fr. Agnellus M. Murphy, F.I.
November 17th, 2011
Middleton, Manchester

-Fr. Agnellus lays the foundation for his three talks by explaining that we need to learn about Our Lady because we cannot love someone we do not know.  In order to know Our Lady we need to be guided by grace through prayer.  He further sustains that in these times to remain faithful to Christ, according to the Gospel, one needs to live out true devotion to Our Lady.

Ave Maria!

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