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MaryCast Specials #135 ( 09min) Play - In this episode of MaryCast Dr. Mark Miravalle explains the nine choirs of angels and their relation to Mary the Queen of Angels.

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Ave Maria!

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  • hi Dr.Mark
    Angles are always a good topic.It must be a feast day for angles because most catholic sites are talking about angles and their role.
    My memory is evoked and remember when I was laying with my son Joshua I was awakened by a choire of angles singing.I never herd such beautiful voices singing.
    Good talk and peace with you and your family.

  • Marian says:

    Ave Maria!
    I loved this segment. I couldn’t remember all nine so it was good review for me! I tested my 2 children to see how many they knew and they weren’t able to remember all of them either so I will have them watch this also! Thanks be to God for all the Angels and especially my Guardian Angel who I always keep busy!
    In Christ

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