Video – Variety #152: Homily – Card. Burke – St Benedicta: Jew, Philosopher, Carmelite Nun

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Ave Maria!

Cardinal Burke gave the homily at the first Mass of the 2011 Canon Law Conference in La Crosse, WI on the feast of St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. She was a Jew and a renowned philosopher who converted to Catholicism and became a Carmelite nun until she was deported by the Germans to Auschwitz, where she was killed in the gas chambers. She entered Carmel in 1933 just after Hitler came to power Germany. Cardinal Burke compares the ordered mind of this great Catholic Saint and Martyr against the disordered destructive thinking and actions of the Nazis and points out how a well ordered legal system exemplified by Canon Law can be a great deterrent from such disorder. This begins in a a very personal way in a well ordered love in  the form of  fidelity to one's vocation whether to the married life or religious life, all patterned on the loving relationship between God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Ave Maria!

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