Audio – Conf #144: Heroic Virtue 4, Cardinal Virtues – Fr Ignatius – England

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Ignatius finished the Theological Virtues in the first three talks of his mission in England. Now in this forth and final talk he covers the Human Virtues CCC 1804 which the the Catechism breaks down into Cardinal Virtues of Prudence, Justice, Fortitude and Temperance, (CCC 1805-9) and the Virtues and Grace (CCC 1810-1811) which Fr. Ignatius calls the Moral Virtues and lists them as Humility and Chastity. All of these he explains how practice in a heroic degree and urges us to do so.

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Ave Maria!

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  • Marie says:

    Thank you, Father Ignatius, for putting such a wonderful mission together. This information is certainly a great tool for those who wish to strive for heaven! Now it will be easier to weed out our vices; work on our virtues!! 🙂

    May the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary protect you from all harm!

    To Jesus Through Mary!

    I wish you all the best….

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