Audio – Conf #143: Heroic Virtue 3, Charity – Fr Ignatius – England

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Ave Maria!

In this third talk for the Mission on Heroic Virtue in England, Fr. Ignatius explains the theological virtue of charity, the queen of virtues.

CCC 1822-1829 - "Charity is the theological virtue by which we love God above all things for his own sake, and our neighbor as ourselves for the love of God..."

He considers this charity towards God under three aspects: 1) God as the immediate object of love 2) The way in which we love God 3) Zeal for God's honor

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Ave Maria!

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  • Tobias says:

    Ave Maria! Nice to see and hear you again Father Ignatius!
    Tthanks for these great talks! I am learning a lot and I have to be honest I figured before listening to the talks at first I thought “oh heroic virtue – that is easy – just go the extra mile – I know this stuff” But after listening in I really found out I do not know much of anything, sadly. I really appreciate the clarification of so much – I am listening and re-listening to each talk and I feel like it is sinking in – thanks to the Holy Spirit! I appreciate also that you kind of drill it in so that by the end of the talks we really do understand what a particular virtue is and also what it is not. You kind of explain it all sorts of ways and give solid examples and the examples help a lot- a whole lot. Great job!
    Praised be Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

  • Arnald Benedict Burtch says:

    Hi Father,
    your talks on charity was helpful and educating,espesially at home and mostly at work for when at times there can be anger and resentment amoung the workers.Majority Of us work are full of our selves which prevents Gods grace to flow through us.
    What was ment by the pope’s comment on forgiveness’forgiveness does not replace justice’.Pope Benedict XVI.
    My saint ever since I was 22 years old was Saint Francis of Assisi.I was touched by the movie on Saint Fransis and Saint Clare.
    thank you for your faith.Arnald

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