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Ave Maria!

In this second talk by Fr. Ignatius on Heroic Virtue he covers two of the three theological virtues: Faith and Hope. Extensively referencing the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) for Faith (CCC 1814-1816) and for Hope (CCC 1817-1821), he explains what these virtues are, what they do for us, and,what is needed to develop them.

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Ave Maria!

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  • James says:

    This teaching gives me Life. Thank you, Father Ignatius, and everyone at, and all the Franciscans of the Immaculate.

    At a time in life when illness (mostly due to past injuries accumulated during my pre-Catholic perverse life) has become quite pronounced for me, this pure Catholic teaching is what I cling to. I have been largely abandoned by the church community here in my area, and by my family, and continue to offer my struggle to the One True God, through our Lord Jesus Christ and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    I am sorry to say that were this teaching presented in this diocese to any number of Catholic clergy, or teachers in the Catholic school system, it would be very much resisted. There would be so much hemming and hawing, there would be so many doubts or contrary ideas and actions set forth here among Church authorities, that implicitly or explicitly work against this pure teaching, that it is truly at times (especially times of illness or struggle), truly stunning.

    As Father Ignatius teaches, they have in reality lost their faith, fallen away from the Truth (while still claiming to be the voice of Truth), and now have subtly and determinedly gone about the business of leading the sheep down the wide path of rebellion against the pureness of the faith.

    I hope that Jesus and Mary will accept my isolation from human fellowship with Truth here in this cafeteria-Catholic wasteland as penance for my sinful life before Our Lady managed to pull me into her One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, and as a sacrifice that will bring my family back to the Truth and into the loving arms of Jesus and Mary.

    For the moment, none here want any part of those sharp, piercing thorns that make up His Crown. As Father spoke of, they prefer worldly pleasures and the appearance of faith, through adherence to Church teachings only if they are in agreement with their own opinion.

    We have here, most sorrowfully, a worldly, protestant, self-glorifying, materialistic diocese, both in our Catholic parishes and the diocesan Catholic schools.

    Lord have mercy on us; hear my cry, dearest Mother, for my children and my family. Deliver us Jesus and forgive me for my many sins. Jesus, I trust in You. Forgive me for my lack of faith, and dearest Jesus, increase my faith in You. I am very much alone in this diocese, and without Your constant aid, I am far too weak to take even one step.

    Thank you all at AirMaria, for this light that shines in the darkness.

  • Marie says:


    You are in a wonderful place to practice heroic virtues! Consider your present situation as God’s Will to get you into heaven! You get to be a hero for Christ and His Most Holy Mother!!!!
    Remember, love conquers all things, one soul at a time….May the Queen of the Most Holy Rosary be with you.

    You are in my prayers.

    Ave Maria!

  • James says:


    Thank you for your prayers.

    Not so sure about the advice, but indeed, it sounds good.

    I have been hearing a few interesting opinions of late. One parish priest had earlier informed me that God doesn’t promise us happiness in this life and that the road to sainthood was difficult. That was shortly before he left for holiday in the South Pacific, or Africa, or some such locale.

    Another had told me that God didn’t want us to be unhappy. Something about not being a good witness for the faith. Interesting that the word “martyr” has its origins in the term used to mean “witness”.

    Seems there are certain protocols one must follow though, these days, in order to be deemed worthy. Happy martyrs we must be, one and all! ;*)

    The Cross in theory, is glorious and joyful. Makes everyone proud and happy to be Christian, theoretically at least. I’m just not so certain that when it’s taken out of the abstract and into real time it’s all that cut and dry, not that completely attractive!

    Well, it certainly is good to gather in all views. Much to consider regarding the road to Heaven, etc.

    God bless and may me all have the opportunity one day to practice exactly what we preach. But for now, I’m just trying to get through another day so my children don’t grow up learning that pride, cruelty and self-importance within Holy Mother Church is the way of Christ. Indeed, love does conquer all. I have good reason to believe that.

    All the best,

    :*) James

  • James says:


    As you may have noticed, I am quite weary and a little ragged due to my condition and the circumstances that accompany it. I hope you will forgive me if my correspondence seems cynical. I apologize and hope you will continue to pray for me, and in particular, for my family members. I am very concerned for my children and wife, due to the seduction of materialism and worldly pleasure that is so deceptively embraced in this area by those in the Church.

    Thank you for your prayers. Please continue, and forgive me if I have been cynical. May Our Lady always guide you and protect you.


  • James says:

    I’d never heard this Third Day music before. I like their music though. Powerful.

  • Marie says:


    Nothing to forgive. I have been in your shoes so I am familiar with your disappointments and frustrations. Perhaps, if you found a ‘vocation within your vocation’. Since you, like many others, are in need of priests that will proclaim Truth without fear; to be holy examples, pray for that. And please do not fall into the trap of seeing the defects of Our Lady’s shepherds. It will do your soul harm, and displease the Madonna. I have found that offering up my rosaries, Holy Communions, and other prayers not only brought me much peace, but it consoles the suffering hearts of Jesus and Mary. So in the end we are doing much good for ourselves and pleasing Our Lord and Lady! We may never see the ‘harvest’ but count on it…your prayers, and everyone elses, will bring about a change. Remember, too, that God permits all things, even when it seems contrary to His Glory. We learn to love to the maximum when we love those who are not so loveable for God’s sake!

    James, there is joy in the Cross! Persevere! You will be a hero!! And those around you will follow your example…’domino effect’!

    Many regards…You and your family are remembered in my rosaries. May you, and your family, be as holy as the Good Lord intends!

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