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Ave Maria!

Dr. Mark Miravalle speaks at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Island on May 28th, 2011 for the Our Lady of All Nations Prayer Day. He mentions the many astonishing headlines in today's news.  On one hand there are the many stories reflecting the moral decay and on the other hand the many natural disasters, faltering economy, and the many wars. He makes the link between these two types of headlines, mentioning the fact that God often uses such disasters to wake us up to our moral problems. But further, this was predicted by Our Lady of All Nations through Ida Peerdeman in Amsterdam from 1945 to 1959. Listen as Dr. Mark gives a run down of the many fulfilled predictions from this apparition and how to make sense of world events and how to respond in order to avoid even worse calamities.

Ave Maria!

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  • Tobias says:

    Ave Maria! Great video but after about 10 minutes it cut off and Father Ignatius Face appeared on a frozen screen. Can you fix that? Praised be Jesus Mary and Joseph! Thanks so much – really appreciate it.

    • apostolate says:

      Ave Maria!


      I am not sure what happened but it seems to work now. Thanks for the feed back.

  • Marie says:

    Dr Miravalle is a brilliant speaker. So glad you were able to video this talk!

    Ave Maria!

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