May 24 – Homily – Fr Bonaventure: St Francis, Basilicas and Reverence

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Homily #110524 ( 12min) Play - Today we Franciscans celebrate the dedication of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi as a feast. Fr. Bonaventure preaches on the greatness of St Francis and the importance of reverencing holy places and church buildings. He stresses how this is not idolatry as some would claim or a waist of money as others say, but rather celebrating what God can do when He gives extraordinary gifts of grace to His saints and how we should imitate St. Francis in his reverence for churches, winning many of these same graces.
Ave Maria!
Mass: Dedication of the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi - Feast - Form: OF

1st: rev 21:1-5
Resp: psa 95:1-7
Gsp: joh 10:22-30

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