Video – Face of Pro-Life #125: On Death’s Door

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Ave Maria!

Roderick Murphy comes to Face of Pro-life to discuss with Corinn Dahm the Problem Pregnancy Center of which he is director and his new book, Stopping Abortion at Death's Door. He describes how he makes sure that he keeps his crisis center near the local abortion mill and even moves when they move. He often has prayer services and Masses held in the on-premise chapel. He talks about the advertising that includes, Newspaper and TV ads as well as bus ads. He provides services to poor mothers like counseling, free diapers, and more. To help women decide not to have abortions he addresses the many economic needs that women have that bring them to this act of desperation. Working with sidewalk counselors to provide services that women need right as they are walking into death's door, helping them improve their situation both in regard to moving away from abusive partners and training for better jobs.

His book is meant to be a one stop resource to start a crisis pregnancy center near an abortion clinic.  It includes:

  • Fundraising,

  • Getting a place,

  • How to work with many different people of different faiths to get a community effort going,

  • List of all abortion Clinics in the country so that people know where to put their crisis center.

He intends it to be a legacy for all that he has learned in his long pro-life experience.

Ave Maria!

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