Video – Face of Pro-Life #124: Quiet Euthanasia: The Third Way Pt2of2

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Ave Maria!

In this second part of a two part series hostess Corinn Dahm discusses with guest Darlene Wagner the increasing rates of euthanasia being committed against our elderly since the Terri Schiavo case. They call it the "Quiet Euthanasia" a "third way" by using dehydration of elderly to quietly sidestep the law.

Ave Maria!

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  • JosephMary says:

    I could not work in a nursing home pharmacy because of the overdrugging of the elderly that is routine.

    And a story from my family. My grandmother was about 90 and went to the hospital with a serious infection. They did NOT want to treat her! My uncle really had to apply pressure to get an antibiotic prescribed for her. They said she had had a full life and to let her go and things like that. Well my uncle got her out of that death place and brought her home and cared for her for another five years until she died a natural death. He also took care of my grandfather, not letting him go to the hospital, and grandpa lived to be 101.

    Under the ‘health care’ bill about to be imposed, there will be certain procedures and medications given depending on your age.

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