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Lost in the Archives

By January 27, 2011Maryvictrix

Well, not totally lost.  I am just reading most of the time that I don’t have other duties to which I must attend.  I hope to soon have a post on an interesting aspect of the occult pertaining to the difference between Christian mysticism and neopagan, magical consciousness.  The attraction of “alternative religion,” is that it promises “supernatural” or transcendent consciousness, the experience of unity, integration and joy without dogma.  It is a big temptation.

Please pray that I get this book on Harry Potter and the occult done soon.

I am uploading here a very cogent list of 10 non-religious reasons why same-sex marriage should not be legalized for your consideration.  (I am not the author of the list.  I neglected to mention this.  The author is anonymous.) BTW, did you know that 85% of all abortions, according to Planned Parenthood research arm, the Guttmacher Institute, are obtained by unmarried women.  My understanding is that the latest statistic has it up to 87%, but I have not been able to verify that.  Either way, it is a tremendous statistic.  The erosion of marriage is directly related to the incidence of abortion, and the elimination of children from the culture of marriage is obliterating the most fundamental social institution of our race.  If we want to stop abortion we have to address the problem with marriage.

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Author Fr Angelo

I am Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate, and a priest for more than twenty years. I am now studying in Rome for my licentiate in Theology.

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  • Brother Skeet says:

    I am in agreement with you Father. Based on that statistic it is clearly evident that the media, planned parenthood, parents, the “system” has bought into the lie that children will not only bring down a single moher, but it will in fact destroy her.
    There are numerous reasons why a single mother couldn’t possibly raise a child in today’s society it is a lot more expensive to raise a child than it is to have an abortion. Found this quickly on a about website

    “According to the USDA, the overall cost of raising a child has increased 15 percent from 1960 to 2007. Compared to today’s $204,060, the cost to raise a child through age 17 in 1960 was $25,230.”

    Also found this in the same google search…it came up first btw

    “The cost of an abortion depends on the stage of pregnancy and which clinic is providing services. First trimester procedures run about $500-1000. Second trimester procedures cost $600-10,000. Many insurance plans cover abortion. In Washington, abortion is covered by the state medical assistance. State Medicaid coverage varies from state to state.”

    Not to play devil’s advocate but why wouldn’t you? As a father of a somewhat large family, I constantly get asked how can I afford it? I just smile and say you take away IPODs, cable, toys, internet, cell phones, etc… Kids are not that expensive. Next come the college question, I then let them in on the fact that some companies offer assitance to college students, and there is always the military. I digress.

    You have put belfore us that we need to something about marriage, I agree with you, but shouldn’t we do something about the single mother’s first? Kind of stop the bleeding before we suture the wound. I know a lot of people, a lot, that shun single mothers in church, in social life, in the lack of charity. I can be just as guilty at times, the question I now ask is what can we do in you opinion to help these poor women who have carried their cross alone and wee strong enough and smart enough not to destroy a life because of thier foolish actions. I’m not saying that all actions made by these women are foolish there are extenuating(sp?) circumstances, but don’t we as a result of original sin see the single mother with a “scarlet” letter. Premartial sex, one night stand, divorce, sinners and we lack the charity to help, because of our pride.

  • Fr Angelo says:


    We have to do everything at once. The most difficult thing. We must help single mothers and support them in their very difficult circumstances. But in many cases unwanted pregnancies occur in the context of serial relationships. These mothers need to be supported also. At the same time we need to talk about the problem that occurs when the institution of marriage is eroded.

    BTW, I must clarify that I am not the author of the “ten reasons.” Please see the update in the body of the post. I apologize for that .

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