Video – Face of Pro-Life #123: Quiet Euthanasia: The Third Way Pt1of2

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Ave Maria!

in this part one of a two part series hostess Corinn Dahm discusses with guest Darlene Wagner the increasing rates of euthanasia being committed against our elderly since the Teri Schiavo case. They call it the "Quiet Euthanasia" a "third way" by using dehydration of elderly to quietly sidestep the law.

Ave Maria!

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  • Darlene says:

    This is a wonderful thing to know about. I am so glad that I now know this information. This needs to be told to every family member that has a loved one in a nursing home or hospice. I think that this is what they were doing to my mother in law in the nursing home. She keeps getting bladder infections and at one point went into a coma because of the fluid situation. She did pull out of the coma.
    I am also glad to hear about the crusting on the lips because this also was happening to my father with his last hospital stay. I couldn’t understand why they didn’t give him intravenous. Especially when he has pneumonia. They’ve always gave him intravenous and took much better care of him up until now. This time around they didn’t really want to do anything for him. He is now home with family and will be taking care of the very best that we can do.Thank you so much for your wonderful work in spreading this information. May God bless you!

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