Video – Face of Pro-Life #119: Jill Sackidovitch – Reaching out to Youth

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Ave Maria!

Jill Sackidovitch director of the Westbrook, CT branch of Birthright offers her insight of how to reach out to youth with a Pro-life message in this modern, changing, materialistic world, making use of her ample experience working with young teenage mothers coming to her local Birthright facility. She also set up a booth at a local fair and had much more contact with youth in general. She believes that the joy of life message has been received very well by youth. She believes that youth are increasingly pro-life and describes the free materials that she offered to the youth. She also mentions how ultrasound images of their little babies is very powerful for young mothers and how the youth and even young children understand the sanctity of human life very well. The youth are also very quick to notice a lack of sincerity and are quite skeptical in general so it is important not to talk down to them. They want to hear the other side of the story as opposed to the line they get from TV etc. We must provide them with this other side, the culture of life that raises the dignity of humanity and leads to eternal life.

Ave Maria!

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