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Ave Maria!

Lecture 5 of the Newman-Scotus Symposium is by Dr. Noone: Bl. Duns Scotus and Bl. John Newman on Knowledge, Assent, and Faith

Dr. Noone basis his lecture on Scotus' Tenet Philosphi Perfectionem Naturae addressing the need for natural and supernatural knowledge in faith and the place for each. Scotus teaches that natural intellect can come to some knowledge of God but cannot come to certainty that God is truly Triune and that we are destined to enjoy the beatific vision of Him.  A person can however at least understand what these concepts are saying.

Scotus deals with Philosophers pointing out the limits of their reasoning and conclusions and to use persuasion to show the continuity of the different elements of faith and so demonstrate its credibility. Some consider Scotus to be skeptical on this point but he is simply exhibiting his concern to maintain the distinction and coherence between reason and faith.

Newmanesque Intimations - Acquired natural faith is when we believe others on a natural level like the fact that Rome exists even if we have never seen it. This relates to Newman's arguments that we accept that England is an island even without rowing around it, also, similarly argued by Augustine.

Dr. Noone then covers Scotus' teaching on infused faith, how we believe with certainty, experiencing the higher forms of assent. He first outlines other forms of knowledge showing how complete Scotus' analysis typically is. He then covers many points of comparison and contrast between Scotus and Newman.

Q and A

Fr Ed points out for reflection, if no universities start any earlier than Kant for philosophy and leave out Medieval Philosophyentirely, then how can we prepare our seminarians for ministry? And there are other interesting questions as well.

Ave Maria!

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