Video – Variety #95: Bsp. Bruskewitz on Voting and Heresy 2/5

By October 29, 2010Variety

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Ave Maria!

Fr. Elias Mills of our Bloomington, Indiana friary recently interviewed the renowned Bishop Bruskewitz of Lincoln, Nebraska on current issues of faith and Church in America. In this second part of five they discuss:

  • Why Catholics vote for pro-abortion politicians.

  • Mass Media role in moral malaise.

  • Advice for Catholic voters to form conscience and how it this does not mean do whatever you want to do.

  • How Voting is a moral act.

  • Voting strictly on party lines.

  • How high are the "flames of heresy" in the Church today.

  • How the fight against heresy has always strengthened the Church.

  • How being a Bishop is like being a fireman who does not dialogue with a fire.

Ave Maria!

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