Video – Face of Pro-Life #105: Leticia Velasquez Down Syndrome Book

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Ave Maria!

Leticia Velasquez describes her book that she is writing on the trials and joys of being the mother of a Down Syndrome child. She covers motivations for the book, i.e. the culture against children with disabilities which she continuously runs into. She has titled the book "A Special Mother is Born" referring to herself that when her special-needs-child was born, she was reborn into a new kind of motherhood. It will consist of 24 stories of her experience both dealing with the needs of her daughter and dealing with this anti life culture. It is due out in the fall and she hopes it will give such mothers what she could not find for herself, good information about how to make the bold step to embrace this beautiful kind of motherhood. She also wants to fight against the Hitlarian eugenics culture that is obsessed with a perfect race.

Ave Maria!

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