Video – Face of Pro-Life #100: Eileen Bianchini Assisted Suicide

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Ave Maria!

Eileen Bianchini of the Gospel of Life ministry discusses with hostess Corinn Dahm the insidious issue of Assisted Suicide, how it is being promoted and how a loophole that could make it a national law overnight. It is being sold to physicians through the living will and to the public as a way to choose when we die. She mentions that we do not have a right to choose to die.

  • An imposed death in not a good death.

  • Suicidal tendencies, depression, are not healthy

  • Fear of death, loss of dignity, incontinence, being a burden

  • Cost reduction measures being remarketed.

  • Rationing of healthcare

  • "Choice" to die with "dignity" becomes a duty

  • Sustinet in Connecticut already has rationing included

  • Courts need "consensus" of just a few states to reopen a court case.

  • Need more than a Living Will, Advanced Directive and a Durable Power of Attorney.

  • International Task Force 1-800-958-5678.

  • Priests for Life on the Right to Life.

Ave Maria!

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