Video – Variety #69: Fr Bonaventure – Invest Not In WoodStock

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Ave Maria!

The Blessed Virgin Mary came with tenderness to warn us about the reality of the opposition against God; atheism. There is power in music to form a society.

Ave Maria!

To listen to the entire homily, an extra 13 minutes, click mp3 below.

Audio (MP3)


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  • Lisa says:

    Excellent, Father!

    It is so hard living in our times. We try to do what’s right…even though sometimes we are not sure what “right” is anymore. I thank God for you Friars to help pull us out of this cess-pool of modern society, and for teaching us how to co-operate more with the Mission of Christ and Our Lady.
    Thank you so much.
    Ave Maria!

    Your Spiritual Daughter

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