Video – Face of Pro-Life #98: Live – Protecting the Vulnerable – Dr. Hartnett

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Ave Maria!

Dr. Lorraine Hartnett discusses with hostess Corinn Dahm on the state of elderly care in our medical institutions relating her sad experience in dealing with nursing homes in order to take care of her father and from her profession of taking care of elderly. She discusses ways that healthcare can be provided to everyone without instituting nationwide bureaucracies which will put distance between patients and doctors and at great cost. Doctors are being over regulated and are loosing their rights to opt out of morally objectionable procedures like abortion and contraception.

She puts forward the very sensible concept of subsidiarity where the smallest group that is needed to take care of a job should be entitled to do it as opposed to larger one. Only on this basis will it be possible for us to exercise true charity which always requires the freedom that gigantic bureaucracies deny.

They discuss how current problems are related to the loss of Christian-Judaic principles which Dr. Lorraine works to remedy through prayer groups at work. And, how doctors are buried in paper work and pressure to perform financially instead of taking care of patients. This will lead to fewer doctors which is the key problem to start with.

Ave Maria!

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