Video – The Catekids #3: Honor Your Father and Mother

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Ave Maria!

The Catekids are back with the Fourth Commandment, Honor Your Father and Your Mother. They cover all the various aspects of this important commandment of God, including obeying our parents, our government and our Church and praying for those who are placed over us. Baltimore Catechism 4th Commandment. Cf. CCC 4th Commandment. To contact the Catekids:

Ave Maria!


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  • Alix Murray says:

    Thank you for this wonderful series! We are a homeschooling family living in Europe (Norway) and this is a great teaching for us. You are doing such a great job and you are reaching more people than you realize!

    Hill deg Maria (Ave Maria)
    A. Murray

  • Louise and family says:

    Dear Catekids –
    Thank you so much! May God Bless you all!
    My children particularly loved the examples acted out.
    In Christ,
    Louise and family

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