Video – Roving Reporter #108: A Trip to Loreto, part 1

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Ave Maria!

Would you like to see to house in which Our Lady lived?  One of our friars in Italy had the opportunity to take a pilgrimage to the Holy House of Loreto, and this is the first of 2 videos which recount the journey and tell the story of this extraordinary shrine.  (Note: A view of the house is yet to come!  Say a prayer that the Capuchins let me into the Basilica with a video camera!)

Ave Maria!

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  • Other Mary says:

    Moby Dick Pizzaria?! Are you sure you weren’t in New Bedford?!

    Fra Terrence – your camera sense continues to astound us! You are truly gifted – and you kept us riveted, waiting to see inside the basilica, only to find out we have to wait for part 2! Next best thing to being there!
    Ave Maria!

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