Video – Face of Pro-Life #95: Meet Kristin Luscia, Super Mom

By April 25, 2010April 2nd, 2019Corinn Dahm, Face of Pro-Life
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Kristin Luscia, a mother of 11, shares her story of the excitements and joys of a big family, of how she became a practicing Catholic and how she became a homeschooling mother. Moreover, she explains how she became a single mom and still keeps moving boldly as a mother of 11. She is the blogger for “” and her new book “11 On My Own” will be published soon.

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  • Lisa says:

    Great Job, Kristin! BRAVO!!

  • corinn says:

    Received Kristn’s book yesterday and finished it this morning (I couldn’t put it down). She is a courageous mom in my prayers– hope many more people read her riveting book.

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