Video – No Apologies #122: The Heresy of Pelagianism

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Ave Maria!

Pelagius denied the existence of original sin. All men are born into the world in the exact state that Adam was, and as such are perfectly capable of living a completely sinless life by our own will power. Knowledge of this heresy can be helpful in dealing with those who view infant baptism as unnecessary or un-scriptural.

Ave Maria!

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  • izzy says:

    Ave Maria! I am grateful for these great segments! I wondered, which bible version are you reading from? I really like the translation but do not know which one it is.
    Thank you!

  • Ronald says:

    The very idea that everyone is stained by the sins of others is absurd. It makes no sense and therefore is false.

    • Fra Roderic says:


      Thanks for the comment. Original sin is based on the fact that Adam is head of the entire human family and thus his sin caused its fall, similar to how a father getting caught today doing a crime and going to jail causes the whole family to suffer and experience shame.

      Fra Roderic

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