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  • Rachel says:

    It would be wonderful if someone did a movie on the life of St. Joseph from a man’s persepctive. Not a documentary but a full length film on the adventures of being a chivalrous protector and provider. The struggle of deciding to marry Our Lady, the arduous journey to Bethlehem and his ability to care for Her in her pregnancy while going through a difficult and dangerous journey, the stressful flight into a foreign and very pagan land with a newborn infant, search for employment and a means to provide for his family…. The packing up and return to Nazareth and having to rebuild their lives while providing security for his wife and son….

    I think many men today could relate to St. Joseph and such a movie if it were done from the man’s point including the daily struggles he must have been challenged with adn the difficulties of living in cultures that contradicted his love for God and the adventure of running from the law when Herod was after the infant child… All these things would add to a great film if it were captured from the spirit of the masculine principle.

    I am going to pray that Our Lady will make this possible in honor of the upcoming Beatification of St. Andre my spiritual father. God Bless the friars for the work they are already doing.

  • I totally agree! A nice CATHOLIC movie on St. Joseph. One day I would like to turn the book into a documentary but an actual film would be amazing!! Ite Ad Ioseph! -Joe


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